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The Classic Shoot Out

The Classic Shoot Out

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  • $ 82
  • 215 Years
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Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament

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  • $ 249.99
  • 6 Months
Tapped and Cork

Tapped and Cork

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  • $ 69
  • 99 Years

Brainerd Sports Boosters Noon Luncheons

THURSDAYS  At The Blue Room at Yesterday’s Gone. Starts at Noon

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The Brainerd Sports Boosters A Non-Profit Organization


edicated to Supporting Brainerd Area Athletics. WarriorWay, Inc. became part of Sports Boosters in 2009. We provide financial support. The Brainerd Sports Booster organization understands that it takes financial resources to operate youth athletic programs. Through fundraising and member support, we are able to help. To date, over $1,000,000 has been donated by Brainerd Sports Boosters. We work with and coordinate efforts with other sport specific organizations.

We recognize the efforts of athletes in many ways. Primarily by hosting Thursday luncheons throughout the school year. These fun lunches are another way that we show our support of youth athletics. Meet head coaches and their student guests (captains, seniors, representative players or whole teams) as we get an insight into their season. Also featured each week is the Athlete of the Week.Whether a member or not, parents of Warrior Athletes are always welcome at our Thursday lunch meetings..